Rocket Ahuna is a young Kanaka Maoli fashion designer from Kapaʻa, Kauaʻi. Rocket is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and received the Critic Choice Award for his capstone project in 2022. Rocket strives to translate his experiences from FIT into creations that seamlessly blend contemporary fashion with the rich cultural tapestry of Hawaiʻi. 

With an interdisciplinary approach, Rocket encompasses the fusion of cultural studies, environmental awareness, and artistic expression. He is eager to delve deeper into his roots and craft designs that not only showcase his skills but also resonate with his culture. Rocket is consistently inspired by Hawaiʻi and mindfully researches to integrate elements of Hawaiian language, music, and history. 

Grounded in the cultural practice of hula, Rocket recalls spending countless hours in the forest collecting indigenous plants and materials to incorporate ʻāina, both physically and spiritually, in each of his designs. These meticulous practices create kaona, endless layers of meaning, and were his first introductions to the multi-faceted realm of fashion. 

Through storytelling in fabrics, symbols, silhouettes, and motifs, he strives to encapsulate the essence of Hawaiian mythology and history, fostering a deeper connection with ʻāina and its vibrant ecosystems. Rocket strives to push the boundaries of tradition while respecting his cultural roots, playing a pivotal role in innovation and ensuring the enduring relevance and evolution of Hawai‘i's artistic legacy.